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Alessandro BrunelliHi!

My name is Alessandro Brunelli and I live in Chiasso, Switzerland.

I am a geologist (Msc, ETH Zurich), managing and editing this website in my spare time .

I worked in the humanitarian field, in sales, teaching, part-time jobs and other occasional jobs.

I started this algebra help website because I like mathematics and I wanted to help children to learn algebra and mathematics in general.

The school system sometimes damages one's attitude towards a field of study because it all depends on the moment in life one is experiencing and how one feels about learning a new thing. And of course it also depends on on how good the teacher is. When you find a good teacher you know it and you will remember him/her forever.

I did very well in my university Maths exam for example, because I studied with a real pleasure , the right attitude, a good, caring teacher and patient assistants.

I don't think one must be such a "numeracy" guy to do well in mathematics. I read of mathematicians who were nothing exceptional at school. And I read of other research mathematicians who actually went nowhere in a research area and didn't even understand much of it, while they made bingo in another mathematical area and could even contribute with new discoveries to it!

Geniouses exist but are very, very rare (e.g Archimedes, Newton, Gauss, Euler) while others simply worked in their spare time but invented unique pieces (e.g. logarithms by John Napier, 1614).

So, be positive. Be persistent, learn little but that little well, build your knowledge brick after brick. Listen to yourself. When you are stuck with something and don't understand it, you have a problem. I repeat, you have a problem. solve it! Don't let it go. Why minus times minus equal plus? Any other questions?

Maybe this website can help you a little...




Everyone has a disagreement now and then, but some people take it to extremes. And online the more you try to stand up for yourself, the worse malicious people can make it. A real life example, called the Site Build It Scam campaign, can be read about by following that link.

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