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Basic Algebra


Basic Algebra can be described as "generalized arithmetics" [1

] where letters represent numbers.

This is single most crucial concept in all algebra. A letter can be a number. In other words, a letter can be any number or a "variable".


Variables can be seen as [2]

  • quantities that vary or
  • unique unknown values

So 3+3=2x3 is for instance an algebraic statement which can be generalized as x+x=2x where x is the "variable". The "x" can be any number you like.

The expression above is called an equation because it "compares" two different statement which MUST be equal both logically and mathematically (counting), The equation means that

"to add two same quantities is like multiplying them by two".

But again, to be able to understand variables, you must work with them. I will take the example of Zoltan P.Dienes approach which I read in his 1960 book: "Buidling up mathematics" [3]


Algebra can bee seen as arithmetics where letters take the place of numbers.

Those letters are called "variables"

Variables can be seen as

  • quantities that vary or
  • unique unknown values



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