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Trigonometry Homework Help

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I remember that when I first learned about Trigonometry, I had the impression to finally do some "real" math.

All those strange and misterious signs, drawings, that I used to see sometimes in comic books, movies, magazines and used to portray scientists...

After a while into trigonometry I got the feeling that trigonometry was an "all-round" game, symbols would magically transform, complicated formulas would dissolve into simple one. The number 1 and zero, so easy to use, would mean something else.

In one word, like a magic colour show, always changing but always the invisible music symphony in nature.

trigonometry identity sin  square pplus cos square equal 1

Any trigonometry homework help should begin by saying that trigonometry means "measures of the triangles" and was invented by Greek astronomers.

This beautiful and clever discipline is here to help us.

It looks at angles and triangles and find invisibile connections between them written with numbers and "new" symbols such as

sinus cosinus tangent



triangleWe will concentrate firstly on one triangle and then we will make make use of those invisible connections...


As a start, try to look at what use you can do with trigonometry if you are a geologist...



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Source: Bordas Encyclopedie, Peruzzo editor, 1972, Vol. 50/51


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