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Because I was a student and a teacher, I collected some study tips from different points of views for you to consider .And from a very personal approach. But not without the help of a "giant" of teaching wisdom and humbleness: Camillo Bortolato, an Italian primary school teacher...


mountainsRule number 1:

if you want to learn you will learn. No matter what you want to learn.

Rule number 2:
If you want to change you can change. Really!

Rule number 3:
use as many books as you like. I like browsing and studying on at least 3 different books on the same topic before settling on one preferred book but still glimpsing on the other two for consolidation. Sometimes, the simple graphics and layout turn away from a correct exposure to the subject. But it should not be the main point when reading. In the end mathematics is an "abstract" art , or, better expressed, it should be an "intuitive" field, so content plays a major role part by far and large. Remember that the main mathematical discoveries were done by hand on sand or just a piece of paper.

Rule number 4:
There are thre types of students in the eye of a teacher: the bad ones, the "so-so" ones, and the good ones. Not only in term of natural talent, but also in term of seriousness and honesty in learning. If you can show that you want to learn but still makes mistakes, you are a good pupil in your teacher's eye. And he will help you accordingly. So, here follow rule number 4...

Rule number 5:
Do all things with love. Be humble and patient. Learn little but learn it well.

Rule number 6:
Don't give up. Be continous and persistent.

Rule number 7:
Say it with your own words! Try to say what you learned in your own words, maybe explain it to a friend, a brother, a sister, your parents. Or simply..use it, away from books and school! Make it yours. You study for yourself first not for pleasing people.

Rule number 8:
Study new topics in advance and on your own. Don't just sit down passively and make homeworks, Be curious, go further in the chapter, read more chapters which are not required. It doesn't matter if you don't understand all, try it! And if you really don't understand it means that you went too far. So look ahead, first in your vicinity, than deep yourself more and more in unexplored territory. When you will be in school and the teacher will present those "new" topics, you'll learn better and faster.

Rule number 9:
Learning is hard. Got it? You don't go to Paradise without effort, neither....

Rule number 10:
Don't look at others and don't compare with others. Do what you can without stern self-judgment. Smile and have a pure heart.

Rule number 11:
Listen to yourself. If something inside you tell yous that there is something odd, say it! Why does minus times times minus equals plus ? Why is the volume of the snow on a roof calculated with a simple formula, with all the "bumbs" and irregularities the snow has? What is the perimeter, can I walk on it? How "large" is it? And if so why is the area not considering the perimeter I walk on? These are all pertinent questions which are part of the learning experience. And the human intellect.



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