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Algebra Symbols

Algebra Symbols and mathematical naming convention

a,b,c,d, e,f constants, variables; coefficient of a polynomial
i, j, k

index variables for sequences;



is a term of sequence

l, w length and width of a figure, a geometrical shape
f, g, h Functions
n, m, p, q integers
n counting of objects, "let's have n objects"
p, q prime numbers
r remainder, rest or "modulus"
r,s,t variables
u,v variables
w,x,y,z unknown quantities in equations, variables
x,y,z variables, unknown quantities; cartesian axes
z variable for complex numbers
α, β, γ, θ, φ angles
ε very small quantity (calculus; limits)
λ Eigenvalue (linear algebra)
σ Sum or standard deviation (statistics)
ab a times b, multiplication of a by b
a times b a times b, multiplication of a by b
a divided by b a divided by b, or a:b
a exp 2 exponential
ditributive law of algebra distributive law

The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

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