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Swiss Algebra Help

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An Unconventional Approach

Eventually, a lot of algebra boils down to fractions.

So let's start from here...

By the way, do you know why algebra is called this way? Read it here!



Alessandro BrunelliThis website is called Swiss algebra help because I am Swiss, I live in Switzerland, and because I wanted to understand, to learn and so to show mathematics from what I know. And especially algebra.

Despite what they tell you in books and magazines and even at school, in general, learning is not "fun".

Learning is difficult for most people. Especially for new "stuff". The fun comes "after". When you make sense of your reading, memorizing, connecting.

Similar to playing an instrument or acting in a Shakespeare drama, the result depends on how much and/or how well you exercised.

There are no shortcuts*.

I am also not a fan of learning through a computer. Children, are unfortunately used to playstation buttons and expect things to happen (fast) without thinking. In one word they get distracted easily and find it difficult to concentrate, today.

So, use pencil and paper, print outs and worksheets that I provide and then find a well lit, calm, clean work area. And get down to work. Then come back for more algebra help and go away from the computer again. And so on

Don't rush, you mustn't study for your teacher or the next test at school. You are studying for yourself first. The final result at exams is only the by-product.This is website (swiss algebra help dot com) is all about.

* incidentally, this is also what Euclide said to King Ptolemeus who was asking him for a quick way to learn the difficulties of geometry: "There is no royal way in Geometry"

Swiss Algebra help Location

Chiasso, Switzerland, view from my balcony in Summertime

This is Chiasso, my hometown in Switzerland. The view is from my balcony and looking West. The mountains you see at the horizon are the pre-Alps. On the right hand-side is the Mount Generoso. On the left hand-side is Mount San Giorgio, a UNESCO world heritage site for his Triassic fossils beds. You can calculate the thickness of the geological layers with a compass, trigometry and a little algebra and I will show you how.

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On the shore of a vast sea

the algebra help journey begins from the shores of a vast sea



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Stay in touch with nature. It's full of mathematics!

flowers, speak of mathematics too
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